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Design Sebastian Herkner

The Cartagenas side table makes a perfect companion to any lounge area. Designed by Sebastian Herkner, the piece features rounded corners and a frame that gently tapers towards the base. Their curved aesthetic corresponds perfectly with the lounge and cocoon chairs of the series, while these tables will also liven up any seating area with exciting colours. This collection is an ode to Cartagena, the lively coastal metropolis on Colombia's Caribbean coast. It has long been an energetic melting-pot, where Colombia’s diverse ethnic communities live side-by-side, creating a city landscape where various cultural backgrounds merge with each other. When walking through its streets and alleyways, new colours, patterns, and perspectives await behind every corner – just like these pieces reveal a new side from every angle. The designs come with table tops made from either marble or metal – both materials create a calming contrast to the radiant colours. The metal version can also be used outdoors.

Breite: 39,2cm
Tiefe: 39,5cm
Höhe: 42cm

caramel brown/black/black
honey yellow/black/black
olive green/black/black
pastel blue/black/black