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Design Cecilie Manz

For the Gloster Atmosphere collection, Danish designer Cecilie Manz has drawn from observing couples, groups, friends and families interacting in seating areas - sliding down low in comfortable furniture, tucking up legs, resting side by side as stories are told and moments are shared.

“This is why it felt natural” Cecilie says, “to lower the whole setting, to enhance and welcome this feeling of comfort and quiet - when you wish to have slightly more relaxed moments, even a few centimetres in height makes a significant difference. Sitting lower pulls you into a familiar, soothing embrace - welcoming you to unwind and stay longer.”

Cecilie says “The materials in a project should reflect the usage of the pieces. Aluminium and teak are great materials for outdoor spaces, the finish of the metal is robust, and the solid teak gets a beautiful grey patina over time. Combined with the fabric options, the palette is subtle and harmonious, revolving around muted, sophisticated tones.

Cecilie has intuitively embraced the emotions behind the design in a powerful mixture of minimal, powder coated aluminium frames, generous boards of Gloster’s signature teak and cleverly designed self-supporting upholstered panels.

When asked if she can summarise her collection Cecilie smiles before answering; “It’s quite simple really… the name is a reflection of the situation. It’s all about creating atmosphere."

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